GTN Energy Partners LLC
An Independent Oil Company

GTN Energy Partners LLC

“We in old places with new ideas.

Sometimes, also, we find oil in an old place with a new idea, but we seldom find much oil in an old place with an old idea. Several times in the past we have thought that we were running out of oil, whereas actually we were only running out of ideas.”

P.A. Dickey

Trusted Team

Our purpose at GTN Energy Partners LLC purpose is to assist in fueling North America’s energy requirements with integrity, commitment and environmental responsibility. These high standards translate into unparalleled value for our partners and will guide GTN’s long range strategies and short term activities to deliver excellence to all our customers and constituencies.


In the last five years, the oil industry has made significant technological breakthroughs in the recovery of oil in new, unconventional ways. These breakthroughs have accounted for a large increase in North America oil reserves, which had been in decline since the early 1980's. It is our intent to participate in this expansion through strategic identification of the best emerging resource methods for our company as well as using conventional production assets.

Water Flooding Viscous Oil Innovator

We assess our company as having the opportunities to increase its capital base and value. Our vision includes participation in low-risk development of attractive projects. An example of this is the development in Val Verde County, which not only helps mitigate the higher risk/ reward of unconventional programs, but also provides partners with a secure capital and cash flow base. This vision coupled with the stable production from the recently acquired Schenkel assets, solidifies cash flow for the company and its partners.

Texas Permian Based

Our ability to acquire assets in a cost effective manner utilizes the networking capabilities of our principals and the financial support of our private capital partners. Prudent expenditure of capital in developing low-risked projects will increase the efficiency of the acquired assets and create capital growth. We will access additional sources of funding to drive company growth and provide higher returns for all our investment partners.