GTN Energy Partners LLC
An Independent Oil Company

Management Team

Mr. David Wragg

Managing Partner and Inventor

Mr. Wragg is the managing partner at GTN Energy Partners LLC. He oversees and actively participates in the field operations at the Schenkel Lease since 2014, and at the Massie West Ranch Lease. .. Read More

Mr. Craig H. Wright

Associate Partner

Mr. Wright is a partner with TTU II, the 50 percent owner of the Schenkel Lease in Edwards County, Texas since 2014. Mr. Wright was raised in Lubbock, Texas and in 1971 he received his Bach.. Read More

Mr. Sam Smith

Partner and Geologist

Mr. Smith is the Schenkel Lease and the Massie West Ranch Lease Geologist and also a partner in GTN Energy Partners LLC. He has been involved with the Schenkel Lease since 2010. In prior years, Mr.. Read More

Mr. Wraith Drake


Mr. Drake is a partner of GTN Energy Partners LLC. He will become an intricate part of the field operations of GTN upon completion of the drilling plan. Mr. Drake became involved with Massie West .. Read More

Mr. Joshua Clem

Partner, Landman and Inventor

Mr. Clem is the Head of Operations at the Schenkel Lease and at the Massie West Ranch. He is a partner in GTN Energy Partners LLC. He was introduced to the Massie West Ranch in 2013 as a vendor fo.. Read More

Mr. J.M. Gal

Partner and CFO

Mr. Gal is the Chief Financial Officer and a partner at GTN Energy Partners LLC. He is responsible for Finance, Legal and Administration. This includes Business Plans and pro-formas, negotiations.. Read More

Mrs. Martha L. Gal

Partner, Business Coordinator and Office Manager

Mrs. Gal is a Partner at GTN Energy Partners LLC. Her main responsibilities include Office Manager and Business Coordinator. While pursuing her education, Mrs. Gal became an entrepreneur at t.. Read More


Mr. Glenn Mortimer III

Associate Partner and Mortimer Gas and Oil Operator

Mr.Mortimer and Leon Walthall currently own Mortimer Production Company/Mortimer Exploration Company and are the operators of the Schenkel Lease. Mr. Mortimer has a BBA with a Finance degree f.. Read More

Mr. Robert Ungerecht

Independent Certified Reserve Engineer

Mr. Ungerecht, a registered professional engineer, has been president of the TEC Engineering Group since 1993. This company’s primary focus is in Oil and Gas consulting including drilling, e.. Read More

Mr. Patrick Forbis

Regulatory Specialist Compliant TRC

Patrick Forbis is currently the Editor & Publisher of the Texas Drilling Observer, an oil & gas report focusing on Texas oil & gas regulatory issues, Texas Railroad Commission activiti.. Read More

Mr. Dennis Beliveau

Senior Reservoir Engineering Advisor - Consultant Through 12/31/2015

Mr. Dennis Beliveau has over 30 years of experience as a reservoir engineer. As Chief Reservoir Engineer at Shell for over 10 years, he was responsible for technical management and leading a 35 me.. Read More

Mr. Allan Laird

Engineering Consultant - Consultant Through 12/31/2015

Mr. Allan Laird is an experienced reservoir engineer with an expertise in unconventional reservoirs. His areas of interest include early reserve recognition, pool studies, pressure transient interpret.. Read More

Mr. Bob McClure

Surfactant Specialist

Bob McClure, owner of Oil Field Solutions, Inc. (OSI), has 46 years of experience in the oilfield chemical industry. He began his career at Champion Technologies and worked for Arco and Chemlink.. Read More