GTN Energy Partners LLC
An Independent Oil Company


Our unique strategy of using time tested technologies, access to the history of the leases, communication with surrounding fields, the daily monitoring of production by highly trained individuals and our use of cutting edge technologies has not only decreased the possibility of errors in future drillings, it has proven to be highly economically successful in the production of oil. Unique reservoir characteristics, large reserves, low cost of production, favorable regulatory environment and highly qualified operating team converge to an ideal time to produce oil at our leases.


Tex Jet

The Tex-Jet is unique in that the lift system is used to move produced fluids up the tubing with no down-hole moving parts by utilizing bottom-hole pressure and then gas injection pressure. With this system, no down-hole pumps , gas lift valves, ..


SOS DEWATERING MACHINE S.O.S., using a heating device, is an instrument that assists in changing the viscosity of the oil to improve the ability to extract the oil and separate it from the water. The removal of water prior to sale is essen..


Surfactant enhanced oil recovery (EOR) is one of the most advanced technologies for the recovery of stranded oil. Surfactants are broad groups of mostly nontoxic soaps or chemicals which come in both powder and liquid form. They are very similar ..

Water Flooding

Water injection or water flooding refers to the typical secondary method where water is injected into the reservoir, usually to increase pressure and thereby stimulate production. Water is injected to support pressure in the reservoir and ..