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S.O.S., using a heating device,  is an instrument that assists in changing the viscosity of the oil to improve the ability to extract the oil and separate it from the water. The removal of water prior to sale is essential to sell a high quality product and to receive maximum revenues.

Viscous oils are recovered by pushing through the reservoir formations.  Most commonly used media is water, steam, fire, flood/steam, etc.  When the oil is recovered, it therefore contains a significant amount of water in emulsion form.  In order to be commercially viable, the water needs to be removed. Heat has been generally used with the addition of expensive chemicals to help separate (dewater) oil and water.  

This method using “heater treaters” or “hot oil trucks” is very expensive, around $10.00/BBL, and not always consistent, thereby adding to the cost.

The SOS machine/process is specifically designed to economically address the above problem, in the field, economically, with quick turnaround and at low cost.


Emulsified viscous oil is pumped by SOS from the storage tank through the on-board heat exchanger circuit, where carefully controlled heat pressure and flow volume are monitored and automatically adjusted.  During the process cycle, the oil is then returned to the top side of the storage tank using a specially designed nozzle.  This causes gentle swirling agitation, enhancing the separation process (dewatering).  The process continues until sufficient heat and agitation has caused the water droplets to settle to the bottom of the tank where it is removed for reusing.  This process takes 3 ½ to 4 hours to process a 210/BBL storage tank depending on ambient temperature.  There are no chemicals used by SOS, only the careful control of flow pressure and temperature.  

Treatment in the field has consistently yielded “zero” BS&W at ambient temperatures of 50-60 degrees Fahrenheit, and the fuel cost to process a 210/BBL tank is $120.00 (approximately 57cents/BBL) at current energy prices.  


  • Integrated trailer- mounted system
  • Portable, will go anywhere
  • High efficiency thermal oil heater 2.4 mm BTU
  • Operating on diesel, natural gas or propane
  • Automatic programmed controlled
  • 480 volt 3 phase diesel generator on board
  • Inverter controlled motor for precise pump speed
  • Controlled flow rates, pressures, and temperatures
  • Safety in operation because of thermal oil heater and fail- safe control system
  • Tube and shell heat exchanger
  • Economical operation
  • No chemicals used in process
  • Can operate up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit for paraffin disposal problems

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