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Tex Jet

The Tex-Jet is unique in that the lift system is used to move produced fluids up the tubing with no down-hole moving parts by utilizing bottom-hole pressure and then gas injection pressure. With this system, no down-hole pumps , gas lift valves, tubulars, or rods are used. These are expensive, time consuming and potentially dangerous to install and typically requiring a high cost of maintenance. 

This system also eliminates the possibility of obstruction. If it happens to become clogged, only back pressure is required to resolve the problem. There is also no need to replace the Tex-Jet as you would need to with other devices due to the quality of the material from which it is made 4140 heat- treated stress relieved steel. This system has been successfully marketed.

Tex-Jet Diagram With Descriptions Tex-Jet Diagram With Descriptions (188 KB)

Tex-Jet Information with Case Studies Tex-Jet Information with Case Studies (3610 KB)

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